A new angle…

Well, its been just over six months and I think I finally figured out what to do with my(this) blog site. I recently joined the “Yonder” community via the Yonder app and I’m really digging it so far! I just recently deleted my Facebook account along with my photography page created with it, so… what to do about it?

To start, I already renamed my blog here to the name I came up with on Yonder. Wandering Walker! I started out using my old photography name I used on Facebook but for one, I was just bored with it and two, I was really feeling inspired by the different names/handles people were using like “MountainPooper”, “AdventureFamily”, “ThatCanadianGirl”, etc. My surname of course is Walker and it was almost instant that Wandering Walker was born! Its catchy I think and much more easily remembered. Maybe my photography name will start there if I do continue to consider myself one. For now, its what is working. Yonder is mainly for people to share there places they love in the outdoors, parks, recreation areas, hiking trails, etc but it also has people like me that just want to share their love of outdoors and outdoor photography. I too want to get out more and explore similar type place in my neck of the woods. I’ve taken a new turn on life with my health in the past six months so that continues to become more and more plausible. I just turned the big 48 a few days ago and I’m healthier now than I’ve been for many years so I see it happening!

I’m hoping and praying to stay on that path, eventually upgrade my old but reliable mountain bike to something more modern, lighter and comfortable! It is over 20 years old now! Still kicking! It just needs a good bath and a tune up and maybe some new tires. Add some new clothes, a helmet and maybe even a fancy new Go-Pro camera and who knows what just might come about!

I’m excited!! 😉

Tony aka WanderingWalker on Yonder..

Missouri's amazing sunsets!

Missouri’s amazing sunsets!

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My first post!

Welcome to my blog. I am not sure why I thought I needed one or what im going to say on it but we will see where it leads. 2014 is amost gone, where 2015 will lead only the Lord knows.

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